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Language as the Spleen of Experience

2008 November 21
by J. Scott Mosel


Antiquity as Birthright Juxtaposed by Experience

Antiquity as Birthright Juxtaposed by Experience

     . . . And there is whale song in your ears. Unlikely as it may seem, we should study their songs and learn not to take from them but give in to this music, add meaningful notes, and discover how to think of language as something beyond the cerebral, the communicative, the citation on experience. The ancient act of symbol, movement of stars and the act of creation, even procreation, speak beyond the limits of perception. Language can be the spleen of experience, our minds sifting through the images we take and create, antiquity itself juxtaposed with our present lives in this constant interchange. Think, antiquity my lineage, my beauty, my poem, and the spleen begins to filter: I give you the color blueand you give me 

the curved outline of earth adjusted with prayer; 

I give you my anxious heartbeat, and you give me 

my father’s eyes lit by green leaves and sawdust; 

I give you cold whale song, and you give me

a wee word in the tide of baptismal water, the ocean, birth.

     We were born for exploitation and exchange, born to art, wed to creation. A sacrament of touching pen to paper is not a taking but simply beingness, synthesis, song.  



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