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Portrait of Alex

2009 January 11
by J. Scott Mosel

Still Life by Alexander Scott Mosel

                                 for Peg Mosel

Start with the curve of his cheek
that points the way to his eyes-
two black coals that steal light
from heaven with every blink
and lead us home.

Now, he jumps and skips
in place, each step closer
to what he knows is just one bounce
from eternity, or at least enough
to make a well-trained boxer jealous.

He leans into his smile
with just the right amount
of tease: holding back a little
means he loves you a lot.

Soon, he learns to draw flowers,
his fingers holding chalk
meant for Picasso in another time.

Here, he is ours, for now,
his art like rose petals
just behind my eyes
that move slightly in the breeze
when the dream that sleeps

there, for him alone,
begins to stir.




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  1. January 13, 2009

    Very nice…that picture- what a compliment. Artists in the family?

  2. January 13, 2009

    I wonder if my boys will end up having to sort through all the pictures I saved of theirs through the years?

    You know that acurate is it?

  3. January 13, 2009

    The translator is so so. For example, in Spanish, it translates Unseen as Oculto, which makes it seem like something of the occult. It should be “Invisible,” which is the same word in English just pronounced differently.

    I was also wondering how you added your news widget, with news from other blogs, and the way you show other blogss in the top left corner is neat. How do you do those things?

    I use WordPress, which is different from your platform and has its own plugins for that kind of stuff. It is also free. I use my own domain.

    I am also a fan of David Horowitz. My son Alex, 6, did the artwork at school before Christmas.

  4. January 13, 2009

    One last thing: we are going to be hosting a new radio program

    It is a really interesting site, with lots of possibilities. I will be placing a link on the blog soon. It will be this Sat. at 3. Guest callers are welcome, just like a real radio show. With this format, it can go all over the web, and on itunes for podcasts. Check it out!

  5. January 13, 2009

    Thanks, that’s funny about the translation..hmm- I wonder if someone could wade through it. Poetry is a tad different though?

    On blogger’s layout page, they have “add a gadget”. There are a couple of news options you can add the link to w/a drop down of choices to check- like update, thumbnail or snippit etc.. One is to add a picture. I mean, some people really have some nice pictures they’ve fished out. Obviously we can’t outright upload them…but then there is a nice link which ultimately spikes your page & does them a favor.

    Like wordpress, I notice a number of different things which are nifty on your site. Having your own domain name gives you more of an advantage?

    Horowitz ..many of the articles on frontpage are lengthy but if one has the time it’s worth it huh. I have to balance things out with mixed nonsense like drudge, otherwise it can weigh you down?

    6 years us a wonderful age!
    My best to your family-
    I’ll have to check the blogtalkradio out…

  6. January 13, 2009

    Hello Again! I wrote you an email to the one listed with your comments. If you want to communicate that way.


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