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Geographically Undesirable

2009 January 21
by J. Scott Mosel

Out to Sea by Juan Pablo Vieytez

There is so much sadness moving
out over the water.

So much desire. The waves
try to bring it back
and fail. The clouds
catch onto it, change shape,
and glide on. It moves down
the coast, finds fresh
water, and spawns.

Desire takes it out to sea.

Huge chunks of it break
off the glaciers
in Alaska: they never travel far.

We buy tickets
and try to see it,
but never arrive in time.

There is so much
to embrace, so much
to disregard: we sleep,
work, watch movies:

talk about money.

We mow the lawn
or bake cookies.

We are afraid
to sit still

or be silent.

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