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Dance with Me

2009 January 28
by Peg Mosel

How Did I Get So Lucky to Be Dancing with You?

                          for Jon

She walked up to him.
He could tell she liked him.

Let’s hold one another
and feel the music

Let’s see where it takes us,
she said, as we moved

to the rhythm
slowly feeling its pulse.

You smell delicious,
she whispered in his ear.

He smiled.
You are yummy too.

The music continued.
Was anyone else around?

Well, were they?
Did it matter?

She moved closer into him.
He did too.

Their bodies
so meant for one another.

She pulled back and looked deep
into his beautiful green eyes.

You are the most beautiful
man I have ever known

You are, she said.
How did I get so lucky

to be dancing with you?

I wish the music could
last forever, he thought,

as he felt her soft cheek
against his rough cheek.

Words were not needed
or invited.

We both thought the dance
would be wonderful.

And for forty one years,
it has been.

This sweet, sometimes fast,
sometimes slow,

always together dance,
our marriage.

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  1. January 28, 2009

    Beautiful Aunt Peg! Bea-u-ti-Ful!

  2. anne permalink
    February 11, 2009

    This is great, Peg………says it all……….

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