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A Lineage of She

2009 February 11
by J. Scott Mosel

She Said She, She Said

She said she
felt trapped inside herself, as if she

was really someone
else who needed to get out, or else.

I listened for a long time, kept feeding her
drinks to get to the bottom of it.

I told her go see a priest and she said she
had tried and failed, she

ended up in bed with him, or she
thought it happened a long time ago when she

was little and everything
seemed. She seemed

angry suddenly, with me, and I
told her that I had to try

and help, after all, I was her
great grandfather’s sister’s

niece, and I knew
about it, in fact, I told her, I knew

someone who knew someone
who knows, therefore I know,

I am an expert
a priest, I said. She said she

felt trapped inside, as if she
was inside, as if she

said she, she said.

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