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Upon Hearing My Poetic Style Called Dark and Edgy

2009 March 28
by Anne Heraghty









I never thought of it as dark-
confused, cynical, leery perhaps.
But dark? Dark is burnt toast, a scar, charcoal,
Death itself.

I admit to embracing wickedness some days-
basking in bitterness, apathy, judgment.
Doesn’t everyone?

now that seems more appropriate.
I like to teeter on the cliff
above the valley of oblivion-
write things down that won’t
make sense to anyone
not even me.

Better to be on edge
than in the dark.
From here I could jump
over to the camp of optimism, odes, the overt.

Probably not.

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  1. March 29, 2009

    I think of your poems as dark sometimes, and I like them dark. I also like them edgy, and I think of them that way too. Now, when I eat toast, I will think of your poems, and when I teeter and find the edge, again, I will think of your poems. But then, maybe I will not, probalby not. I heard there is a great universe over there. Come on, let’s go.

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