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Lima Is Home

2009 October 26
by Peg Mosel

892319_agricultural_settings_2I am not interested in Lima bashers, especially ones who have never lived here.

Lima is a town, not unlike many others, with problems such as unemployment and the accompanying increase in crime.

Lima, Ohio is not just a place. It is home to so many people with the good sense to be born here, and possess its wonderful midwest values and no-nonsense work ethic. No, Lima is not a place, but home to good, kind people. These are the people, the neighbors, who send meals and cards to you after learning that you are having a rough time.

Lima is a community filled with glorious wheat fields, rows and rows of sweet summer corn and the best home grown tomatoes in the land. Lima is where so many of us grew up, went to GREAT schools (mine, LCC, sends over 90% of their graduates on to college). Lima is marching bands, summer parades, lovely parks, reserviors, and farmer’s markets. Lima is home to “set up housekeeping,”  raise your children and, if you are real lucky, walk in your home and look into the beautiful face of your sweetheart who you grew up with and married right here in your home, Lima.

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  1. Alex Mosel permalink
    September 19, 2013

    Grandma that is amazing Lima is home.

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