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2009 October 30
by Anne Heraghty

1004547_redandyellow_yin_yangI find myself ordering today’s feature:
Peanut Butter Mocha,
the Pina Colada of coffees.
I place it on the table
alongside my plain, black spiral
and sharp number twos.
It feels awkward, diamonds on cardboard.

Hemingway would scoff, a steaming mug
of Big Buck in his weathered hand
to carry him through paragraphs.
Bishop would lean on Sumatra’s
rich and earthy flavors.  Yeats might
choose Black and Tan out of spite.
Collins, Four Seasons-he was
just listening to Vivaldi
this morning while shaving.
Everyone avoids Jamaican Me Crazy,
its Hallmark name
the kiss of death.

I take one draw, through fluffy whipped cream
and leave it alone.
I think ahead to lunch,
the notebook again on the table,
and the prospect of its simple cover
perfectly complimented by the yin-yang
of a Co-jack grilled cheese.


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