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Dr. Quigley Struggled with the Idea

2010 February 16
by J. Scott Mosel

Dr. Quigley struggled with the idea,

but after months of debate

he went forward with the notion

that  it was time to record

his most unusual observations:

Made contact with a race of aliens.

Subject was female, complained

of pain in the lower abdomen.

Diagnosed cervical cancer.

It all comes down to the cervix.

He was nearly certain of it.

He remembered his travels

after completing his last degree.

He waited for hours on the side

of Mt. Ararat for the solar eclipse,

short ring of fire, long circle of life.

In the valley below him,

he noticed a pair of goats mating

in the forced dusk of a twilight

no one else would ever believe,

his mind certain of images

no one should see.

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  1. Joseph Bastow permalink*
    February 18, 2010

    Short circle of fire, long circle of life – I love that mating goats appear in the forced dusk – I believe it – can’t stop watching.

    Good to see Doc Quigs back on the circuit.

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