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It’s All Good

2013 September 3
by J. Scott Mosel


My birthday once again comes out of nowhere

and I think of 45 degree angles, splitting a corner

in equal portions of two gorgeous halves.

I think of calves and I’m alive again,

calves on a spring morning long ago

on cobblestones beneath the dogwoods of my youth.


There are many reasons to sigh but old love

is not worth it. I would rather sip this beer

after work and scratch a good itch

to the music of my guitar. There is light streaming

everywhere this afternoon, and more reason

for love than at any time since the dawn of history.


I mean to walk, to walk through ancient Rome

right now with sunglasses on is all I can do for a good

line of tinker and tong. Tinker with that I say.

If you don’t think it’s possible, you haven’t lived.

Give the old city a chance say the sirens.

I just heard them singing, and they are great.

Make love in the back seat. Crank it up.

You know you want to.


Do it till it hurts and then slip into your favorite

boxers after a long shower. There is that novel

I’ve been waiting to undress. There are two lovers

I spent the evening with that need a little kiss.

There are my boys, walking out the door.

They don’t always need me anymore.


And I am glad. It would be never be right

for love to hold anyone back. Give them

your best line and try to make it right.

Keep God involved, and pray it’s alright.

It’s all good. It’s all right.

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